Saturday, June 27, 2009

CODE 001

.:.Body Glove 'Big USA' T's.:.
These t's are M size.
Available in 2 design.
Rating: 5/5
Grey : RM 19 (SOLD)
Green : RM 33 (SOLD)

.:.Purple BabyDoll Blouse

Diz babydoll blouse can fit S-L size.
I seldom tried on blouses & end up buying bigger stuffs.
Look nicer with belt ;)
M-L size can wear it without belt.
Rating: 5/5
RM 25

.:.Junk&Sweet TShirt

Bought in Jakarta.
XS-S size.

*not including handphone & body butter.
Rating: 4/5
RM 6

.:.Black&White Blouse.:.

The material is medium quality.

Free size but actually goes well with M-L size ladies.
Rating 5/5
RM 15 (SOLD)

.:.Black Tight Top

One of my fav blouse as it hugs nicely 2 my body.
Worn once 4 dinner. Emit colour when wash.
Dun have time 2 wash it separately.

Rating 5/5

I'm lettin it go at..


.:.Stripe ur look.:.
Bought diz shirt at F.O.S.
M size
Brand new never worn at all.
(My sis thought it matches her skirt)
Rating 5/5
RM 19

.:.Padini A. Plain Blouses

Available in 2 colours. M size.
*the purses are for display purpose only.
RM15 each

.:.LightPurple 3/4.:.
Fits well in M-L size as it kinda wide.
Worn once

at home but it's kinda big 4 me.
*the shawl is for display purpose only.
Rating: 4/5
RM 7

.:.3/4 SweetPink Blouse.:.
Very sweet blouse for feminine ladies ;)
Worn 2 times.
Rating 4.5/5
RM 10 (SOLD)

.:.Girlish Flora Long Blouse.:.

Perfect 4 feminine ladies ;)
Luv it so much!!
Can also fit M-L size.
Rating: 4.5/5
RM 20 (SOLD)

.:.Black Comma Blouse
Gorgeous black blouse dat fits XS-S size.
Normal price is RM69.90.

Rating 4.5/5
Yours at RM 35

.:.Pretty-in-Pink Long Blouse.:.
Pinky blouse dat lost it pinky inner camisole.
U need 2 wear it wif any camisole or
u may also show off ur cleavage =)
Rating: 4.5/5
RM 25

.:.Floral Printed Long Blouse.:.

Looks good on XS-S size. Luv d colour but
can't help me in matching it with my mood.
Rating: 4/5
RM 15

.:.TiZed Olive Green Blouse.:.

A Must-have Blouse!!!
Worn once only.
Rating: 5/5
RM 12

.:.Sleeveless Knitted Top.:.
Colorfull Stripe anyone??
Best wearing it
with inner (outside).

Rating: 4/5

RM 8

.:.Eastwear Spaghetti Top.:.

Suitable for XS-S size.

Available in 2 design.
Rating: 5/5
Pink : RM 4 (SOLD)
Beige : RM 4