Sunday, July 26, 2009

CODE 003

Hello Ladiess!!!

All items to be sold are in very good condition (unless stated) & 100% original. The reason I'm selling is because my dad won't let me buy new bags since there are lotsa bags in my closet. Poor me as i'm planning to buy new bags for my practical training. I have to let go some of 'em to get a new one. Hope u proud of me dad since i'm selling it now ;)

.:.Guess Make Up Bag.:.

Bought lotsa Guess Perfume 2 get diz limited edition bag
Never worn ;)
Rating : 4.5/5
RM 39

.:.Carlo Rino Handbag.:.

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Bought at almost RM200
Rating : 4/5
I'm letting it go at

.:.Creme Handbag.:.

Suitable for office wear
Bought in Jakarta
Rating : 4/5
RM 19

.:.Forest Timber Handbag.:.

One of my fav handbag
Need a new owner ;)
Very good condition
Rating : 5/5
RM 35 (SOLD)

.:.Black Cleef Handbag.:.

It's gorgeous but the inside is a bit worn out
Need someone who can appreciate it better ;)
Rating : 3/5
RM 15

.:.Revival Handbag.:.

One of my gorgeous collection
You can put all ur stuffs inside as it spacious &
has lotsa compartment

But one of the zip is broken

.:.Leather Sling Bag.:.

Luv this cowboy style bag
but it no longer suits me ;)

.:.Gold Snake Leather Printed Clutch.:.

Oh I luv it so much!!!
Worn 2 a dinner 2 times only
Too bad 5 of it's diamond is lost
Dun have time to repair it
Selling it at

.:.Lulu Belle Handphone Pouch.:.

Need a younger owner ;)

.:.B.U.M Choc Handbag.:.

Worn only on my 1st year in UKM
The inside has B.U.M printed material & still gorgeous ;)
Rating : 4.5/5
RM 25 (SOLD)

.:.With Love Coin Purse.:.

Leather Coin Purse : RM3
Guess Coin Purse : RM8

.:.Bronze MakeUp Bag.:.

I can't put all my make up inside
So i'm letting it go at

.:.Handphone Pouches.:.

Available in 3 design
White/black checked : RM2 (SOLD)
Rabbit : RM2
Pink/White checked : RM2 (SOLD)

.:.Pink Furry Handphone Pouch.:.

U noe how I luv pink stuff ;)
Selling it at
RM 5

.:.Tropicana Life Grey Bag.:.

I only used it for sports activities
The badge is free since it look more feminine with it
You can take it off if u dun like it ;)
Rating : 5/5
RM 7

.:.Black Avon Pouch.:.

Need a new owner
RM 5


My fav bag when I was in matriculation college
Add badges for funky looking

.:.Mouse Bag.:.

Suitable for kids.. hehe
Rating : 5/5

*Latest item will be upload under new post.. Check it out girlz !!!

CODE 002

New !!
Green : RM 12
Purple : RM 12 (SOLD)

.:.Tudung Ekin (Plain).:.

Available in 4 designs
Black/pink : RM6
Black/green : RM 6
Black/purple : RM 6
Black/white : RM 8 (SOLD)

.:.Soft Choc Shawl.:.
No need 2 iron.
Good material.
Worn once only ;)
RM 5

.:.Choc shawl wif beads.:.
Need a new owner who will apreciate it ;)
RM 8

.:.White shawl wif batik stripe.:.
A very beautiful shawl ;)

Love it but cannot match wif any of my clothes

I'm letting it go at
RM 8

.:.Glamorous Shawl.:.

Suitable for dinner / special occassion.
Worn once only ;)
Black diamond : RM8
Bronze : RM8
Gold : RM8

.:. Anak Tudung .:.

*Match it wif shawls
Baby blue : RM 2
Baby pink : RM 2
Soft choc : RM 2 (SOLD)
Dark choc : RM 2
1 x Black : RM2 (SOLD)
1 x Black : RM 2

.:.Plain Shawl.:.
Black: RM 5 (SOLD)

Choc : RM 5 (SOLD)

.:.Soft Stripe Shawl.:.
Indigo Blue : RM 4

Black : RM 4

Baby blue : RM 4

Choc : RM 4

.:.Akel Normal Square Hijab.:.

Black/pink squirls : RM 8
Black/red/choc: RM 8 (SOLD)

.:.Normal Square Hijab.:.

Available in Blue & pink
Pink : RM 5 (SOLD)
Blue : RM 5 (SOLD)

.:.Indonesian Style Hijab.:.
Available in pink colour

Suitable for casual activities ;)

RM 10